Your boomerang doesn't return perfectly? In most cases, the reason is an incorrect throw . The following troubleshooting guide should help you to fix the problem.

Correct flightpath

Your boomerang should fly more ore less like depicted above. Some models fly higher with a nice a hover at the end.

Your boomerang climbs high and then crashes down dramatically:

Use less tilt. Never throw your boomerang sidearm! Hold your boomerang vertically with no layover. If your throw is correct, check the boomerang for warpage. Put it on a table. The boomerang should be perfectly flat (exception: MTA boomerangs).

The boomerang flies high, goes down and nearly hits the ground halfway round:

Aim a bit lower. If this won't help, throw with more power and/or spin.

The boomerang lands to the left or behind you:

Throw further to the right (relative to the wind). On calm days: Throw with reduced layover.

The boomerang flies very high and crashes on return:

Aim much lower!

The boomerang lands to the right or in fornt of you:

Throw further to the left (relative to the wind). On calm days: Throw with more layover.

Boomerang returns short:

Throw with more power and/or spin. Try throwing lower or with a little more tilt.

Boomerang goes over your head and slides back to the left:

Throw with less power or less tilt.

Boomerang goes straight:

Be sure you are throwing a right handed boomerang. Make sure your thumb is on the curved top side.