It is hard to find a concluding evaluation of LENOCHS work from todays point of view. This all the more so as we always have to start from the author´s own definitions when reading his work.

More recent literature, like that by H. PETER, have a more special and exact look at the problems of the definition and distinction, though the results may not become any clearer or more comprehensible for the reader who only skims through the books.

Concerning the time when LENOCH´S books were written, he nevertheless made very extensive and costly studies on literature and his worldwide geographical attempts on classification are still unique today.
We paid special attention to LENOCH´S statement that the invention of the boomerang is proved for the Old Europe in his eyes. We think that this statement is not sufficiently proved. As the term "cateia" is used for various and partly totally different weapons (e. g. the spear catapult) by the classic authors, it cannot be proved with absolute certainty that the boomerangs existed in ancient Europe. After studying this literatue we consider it appropriate to say that boomerangs existed in ancient Europe.


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To make the temporal categorization easier, we added dates to the text wherever possible. LENOCH´S thesis can be borrowed from the library of the University of Vienna via distance borrowing.
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