Ozeanien und Australien

On South Celebes, throwing woods were used to drive birds out of the rice fields. On Central Celebes, Java and Sumatra and also in Queensland, a cross-like throwing wood, made of bamboo splinters, serves as a toy for children. It has a boomerang-like flight line and became known as a "cross boomerang", though it generally "does not have anything in common with the boomerang", according to LENOCH.

Besides the throwing woods made of wood, which show a bow-like flight line, the inhabitants of the New Hebrides use also stone weapons shaped like throwing woods.

Australia is todays main country of the throwing wood, although the throwing wood cannot be found in all the regions of Australia. The throwing wood does not exist e. g. in the extreme north and in Tasmania. In addition, the throwing wood is not used as a battle weapon in the other regions. The thinnest and lightest throwing wood can be found in Western Australia, where it is used mostly for fish hunting. In Southern Australia, the throwing wood is also used to hunt fish, but it is much heavier there.

The existence of the real boomerang is restricted to the East and the South and also to Southern Australia. It is not nearly as popular as the throwing wood and is always found in the company of the throwing wood. In its shape, the boomerang differs slightly from the throwing wood and even natives need to throw it to make a distinction.